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Re-Opening our dental clinic in Budapest after the government has issued an ease on the restriction

We are pleased to announce, the government has issued an official statement on the 5th of May 2020 which has said that dental clinics can reopen and accept patients as normal.

This is a great news for us, although our clinic has been very busy during the lock down dealing with emergency dental care, it is now served beneficial for us as we have adopted a very strict rule for dealing with patients. To open our doors fully we will still need to keep with the rules not just implied by us, but also extended by the government. How long will this be in place is yet, unknown. We would like to ask for your patience while the restrictions will need to be in place by law.
We need to keep our focus on the safety and health of all our workforce (doctors, nurses, receptionists ...) and you the patient.
We would like to ask you to read the following guidelines to understand with what restrictions you will be facing when contacting us or wishing to visit our dental clinic for treatment:

When entering the dental clinic you will need to ware a mask.

When arriving at the clinic we ask you to wash your hands either with the antiseptic hand gel placed on the reception or with an antibacterial hand wash found in the clinics bathroom situated next to the reception

We will need to ask you to complete a questionnaire that contains required information gathering about your health in the pandemic

While you are at the clinic your body temperature will need to be taken by a member of staff. We will need your cooperation in this as without it we will not be able to guarantee to commence the treatment. If there are signs of high temperature (HT) or suffering from difficulty breathing (DT) then the treatment will need to be postponed and you will be referred to your local GP.

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms (or any of your family members) then we ask you to inform our reception on call to re arrange your dental appointment. Please note: any symptoms identified by the dental doctor while you are in the clinic, the doctor will have the right to decline the treatment and refer it for a later date.

We will only allow patients to enter our dental clinic who has a prearranged appointment. Unfortunately unless required, we will only allow 1 patient in and without any companion. We would ask you to arrange your appointment through our online chat, email or telephone before you wish to visit our clinic. If a companion is required when visiting (in case of require care due to disability, or a child) please state it during the booking. Once at the clinic the companion will also need to adhere to the above rules we have required to set.

To reduce the waiting time in the reception area we would like to ask you to arrive only a few minutes before the appointment. If in any chance there is a delay or too many patients in the waiting room, which does not allow the right amount of social distancing, then we will need to ask you to wait outside the dental clinic till room is available. This is necessary to minimize contact. If you arrive too late for your appointment we will not be able to start the treatment with this strict rule in place.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the booked appointment, then we ask you to please ALERT US so we can keep track of the count and be able to safely organize the patients at the clinic.

At this moment the opening hours and the available appointment time slots are limited, due to making sure that we keep the social distancing and do not over crowd the clinic. We will make sure that we will find the best solution that your treatment will be uninterrupted.

We hope the above guidelines does not startle you and we would like to ask for your patients and cooperation, if you have any questions about any of the above restrictions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Déli Dental - Dental Practice