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Déli Dental Dental Practice Budapest

Professional Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Expertise and competitive pricing - you may find these at many dental practices. If you are looking for the best however, Déli Dental dentistry and oral surgery is the right choice!

Dentistry in Budapest with all-round care

Déli Dental dentistry and oral surgery opened in spring 2011 in Budapest, and provides all round dental care that is world-class, and keeps up with all advancements in the field. Our dentists are professional experts who feel a sense of duty toward their profession, and are able to provide precise, pain-free all-round dental care to our patients. 

Oral Surgery

At our Budapest dental practice we are able to do more serious oral surgery procedures, as well as general and cosmetic surgeries and their related treatments. We are also able to make and place dental implants using the latest technology, among other procedures. 

We treat your dental problems using anesthesia - guaranteeing that the treatment is 100 % pain-free - in a professional and considerate manner.

Root canal treatment, teeth whitening or dental implants? Reach out to us with confidence!

Déli Dental Dental Practice is located in central Budapest, right next to Déli railway station, welcoming all existing and future patients. We encourage you to choose our expertise, competitive prices and special offers, allowing us to take care of  your dentistry needs. 

At Déli Dental, our receptionists welcome our patients in the lobby. They can help patients with the administrative tasks, and are happy to answer any questions that may arise. 


Our comfortable waiting room caters to all needs: you can pass the time by reading or watching television while you are waiting for your treatment to begin. 

We have equipped our dental practice with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality ingredients in order to allow our dentists to do their job as effectively as possible. 

Our three state-of-the-art dental chairs allow us to treat multiple patients at the same time. 

Déli Dental Dentistry Budapest - dental chairs

We also have a panoramic radiograph, as well as other standalone radiographic imaging units, which allow us to create images in less than 5 seconds, and view them on the displays attached to the chairs. 

Déli Dental Dental Practice, committed to healthy smiles welcomes you in Budapest. 


Déli Dental - The best in smiles - Mind, heart and expertise

Please take a look at the list of our dental services in our prices section, where you can also find our current discounts and special offers. 

In case you are not yet familiar with the dentists at Déli Dental, you can get to know the ‘soul’ of our practice, our dentist team. 

In case you have a question about our dental practice, teeth or mouth care, or conserving your health, click on the ‘contact’ section or visit our Facebook page, where you can find useful advice as well. 

Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Buda


Déli Dental Dental Practice, located in the XII. district of Budapest, right next to Déli railway station, is a well-equipped, modern and comfortable practice. Our dentists are well-trained, professional experts. The place the greatest focus on providing our patients with a pain-free, precise treatment. Dentistry and oral surgery in our Déli Dental practice. It is worth it to choose our dental practice with dental problems, because we offer the simplest and most natural treatments suitable to the problem, to make the treatment as easy on the patient as possible. We can show great results. Would you like dental treatment? People are amazed when they enter our practice for the first time. 

Instead of pain, they enjoy a pleasant experience. We are patient, friendly dentists who work with competitive prices. 

We treat problems related to teeth.

Please, take a look at the prices of our Budapest office - we also have special offers to make the choice easier. 

You can see how to reach us under the Contact section on our website.

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