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It is never too late to choose orthodontics!

If you are bothered by the look of your teeth, afraid to show them, and you find yourself covering your smile with your hands, then it is time for orthodontics. Fixed aligners can help correct teeth in people of almost all ages, thus preventing many future dental problems, and giving you more confidence. Not only will your smile become better to look at, the occlusion of teeth and mastication will also improve, as well as making the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas easier. 

Aligners can not only help brighten your smile, but improve your confidence as well. With our special offer at Déli Dental, you can get your treatment for a friendly price, giving you one more reason to smile.

Traditional, metal aligners and more discreet, traditional porcelain aligners are both included in our offer. Also, while you are there, our dentists will make panoramic x-ray images and evaluate the condition of your teeth, and you even get complimentary tartar removal and polishing, to make sure that your smile is truly bright and beautiful.

Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists, don’t miss it! The price of the consultation is deducted from the cost of the treatment if you choose to have you treatment with us.

Make an appointment: +36 20 486 7959

1 Déli Dental orthodontics special offer is valid for one arch. Each person may purchase two, so orthodontic treatment can be done on both arches at the same time. 

Appointments must be made 2-3 weeks before the end of validity.

Costs outside the coverage of Déli Dental’s special offer:

1. Orthodontic consultation: 5 000 Ft. (deducted from the cost of treatment)

2. preliminary impression: 10 000 Ft. (deducted from the cost of treatment),

3. activation (suggested every 4-6 weeks): 9 000 Ft / session / arch

4. wire replacement (every 2-3 months) - metal wire: 5 000 Ft / piece

5. post-treatment retainer: 35-40.000 Ft / arch

6. aligner installation and removal: 12 000 Ft / arch

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