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The five most common dental problems.

Throughout our lives, we may experience many problems with our teeth. The nature of these problems can vary a lot from person to person, as do the reasons: they may be caused by what we eat, whether we smoke, or due to our genetics. How can we improve our dental hygiene? By regularly visiting your dentist!

The five most common dental problems

Slanted or uneven teeth

Slanted teeth may make orthodontic procedures necessary, improving the incorrect position of the teeth until they reached their correct position. 

Uneven teeth may have many causes, such as genetics, the incorrect development of teeth, bad childhood habits (for example finger sucking).

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most common dental problem that can occur at any point of our lives. It is usually a result of insufficient dental hygiene, as well as eating habits: too much sugar and smoking can contribute to the problem, and so can missing regular dental appointments. These factors all have effects on every tooth, the gingiva and the tooth root. Consservative treatment is usually the best action, but more severe cases may require the extraction of the affected tooth.

Gum disease

Gum disease is caused by bad dental hygiene and smoking in most cases. At the beginning, symptoms may include gingivitis and redness of the gums, as well as bleeding and pain. In these, less severe cases of periodontitis the condition may be reversed, if the procedure set by the dentist is followed carefully. In more severe cases it may lead to periodontitis, which includes the receding of the gumline and the loss of supporting tissue. Periodontitis also affects the tissues fixing the teeth to the gums. The symptoms may include gum inflammation, but also the appearance of periodontal pockets and the loss of periodontal attachment. This requires urgent action, as the disease may become chronic and require surgery. After the elimination of the underlying causes the condition can heal, but it leaves damage behind - the destroyed gum doesn’t grow back.

Bad breath

Bad breath is caused by bad oral hygiene, as well as other conditions, such as periodontitis, or the accumulation of bacteria that also cause dental plaque.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is usually caused by stress, and sometimes by genetics. It’s most obvious symptom is the grinding of teeth that occurs during sleep in most cases. 


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