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We would like to introduce to you Déli Dental’s newest service: Damon orthodontics.

Damon braces (unlike traditional fixed aligners) work with passive self-ligating technology, meaning that a light biological force is acting on the teeth. With Damon braces, severely crowded teeth may be treated without the need for extraction, as it is possible to expand the jawbones without surgery. The light force exerted by these aligners allows for a more comfortable experience wearing braces, less discomfort, and treatment may even be shorter than with regular aligners.

The result of this treatment is a beautiful, wide smile. There are cosmetic (Damon Clear) and metal (Damon Q) versions available.

Extraction may still be needed for cosmetic reasons.

Contact us about an orthodontic consultation, the price of which is deducted from the cost of your treatment, in case you choose to have your treatment with us.

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