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Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful, healthy smile is not only important for our appearance, but for our well-being as well, because cared for, white teeth give us confidence in all areas of our lives.

Cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new area of dentistry, which has gone through major development in the last few years. This has been made possible by the appearance of modern dental materials and technologies. At our practice, we have at our disposal the latest materials and technologies in order to be able to employ the most perfect cosmetic dental procedures.

‘Beyond’ Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, good appearance includes a healthy, good-looking smile. In the last few years, it has become very popular to make our smiles as white as possible.

The most safe and efficient way of achieving perfectly white teeth is professional, in-office teeth whitening.

The ‘Beyond’ light accelarated teeth whitening technology used at our practice is the most efficient existing method in teeth whitening today, with which an improvement of 7 or 8 shades is achievable.

During the pain-free in-office teeth whitening procedure the dentist treats the teeth with a whitening formula, then activates the chemical using a dental curing light.  Discoloured teeth are bleached after rinsing the formula. This procedure bleaches the enamel itself, removing the discoloration and enabling the teeth to regain their original whiteness.

The procedure takes about an hour, including the cleaning of both jaws.

Internal Bleaching

Depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth, the dentist can also suggest internal bleaching. During root canal treatment, or in the case only certain teeth are discoloured, it is possible to selectively bleach only a few teeth at a time, but it isn’t possible to treat discoloration caused by fillings, scale, or tooth decay using this method.

During internal bleaching the dentist places the bleaching formula on the inside of the tooth crown, into the pulp chamber, where it stays active for about 3 to 5 days, then - after the desired whiteness has been achieved - the dentist removes the formula and fills the cavity.

Tooth Jewelry

Tooth jewelry can make healthy, beautiful smiles even more attractive. Tooth jewelry is available in many colours, sizes and shapes, even including small Swarovski crystals or other gemstones that are attached to the upper incisors or the canines using special techniques. Attaching tooth jewelry only takes a few minutes. The teeth aren’t affected by the attachment, because the enamel doesn’t need to be drilled.

Attaching tooth jewelry is completely pain-free, and the attached jewelry may remain on the tooth for up to a year.

The attached jewelry needs to blend into the surface of the tooth completely - it can not stick out, because that would make proper cleaning impossible. No traces remain after removal, there are even cases where tooth jewelry falls off by itself, if it has been attached a long time ago.

It is a good idea to ask for dental hygiene treatment before the attachment of tooth jewelry, either special tooth cleaning or bleaching, because the jewelry looks much better on beautiful, clean, white teeth.

Who Needs Bite Splints and Why?

Our bodies often process stress experienced during the day at night, and this frequently manifests as teeth grinding. Another common symptom is a clicking sound that can be heard when opening the mouth. Many people aren’t concerned about these problems, even though they can have serious consequences.

In order to stop the harmful effects caused by teeth grinding, patients get a horseshoe-shaped bite splint made of thin plastic, which they usually need to wear on their teeth at night, but in more severe cases during the day as well.

Bite splints are an effective way to protect teeth from friction and pressure caused by grinding. The splint changes the relative position of the upper and lower arches and makes sure that the joint rests in a relaxed position. Bite splints are made by dental technicians using deep drawn plastic after taking your dental impression in a quick and pain-free way. After this, the patients only need to use the device.

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